• What do we have to bring to Family Camp?  You need to bring your family, their clothes, and their toiletries. You will need twin linens and towels for your family. You will be able to use washers and dryers on campus. Your meals are covered, but you can bring food for your room, and you will have a small refrigerator and microwave!
  • What’s the schedule like?  A normal day has some group activities in the morning and after supper with lots of free time in the middle.
  • Who will be working with my children? Our staffers have been screened through personal interviews, personal references, and have completed background checks on file. None of our staffers will be teaching your child alone. We strive to make our teaching environments the safest they can be for your children.
  • Is this more like a conference or like a vacation?  It’s both!  We have worked really hard to make the week full of opportunities for you to grow and for you to relax.  The schedule isn’t too packed that you feel stressed when you leave.  The most important thing is that it gives time for your family to be together!
  • How can I help?  If you believe in the concept of Family Camp, you can donate to help others out in a scholarship.  You can give securely through Macedonian Call Ministries.
  • Can I be on staff?  We are looking for some family assistants and staff to help run the camp.  You can fill out an application here.

Still have more questions?  Email us and we can help you out.

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