From Head to Heart

There are a lot of things that you know in your head that never moves to your heart. For example, let’s think about the issue of world hunger. You know that people in third world countries are starving, but few teenagers are moved to do something about that issue. You know that there are senior adults in your community who are starving for people to visit with them, yet you are not moved to seek them out and visit with them.

Now, let me get a little more personal with you. Are you a church kid who knows all about Jesus yet fails to personalize those facts with a heart for Christ? Some Christian teenagers seem to be immune to the real heart issues of faith in Jesus. Could it be that you have allowed your heart to “shut out” or “turn off” the connectors that get to your heart during Bible study or worship because you are “just too tired’ or because you haven’t prepared to “hear” from the Lord during times of Bible study or worship?

Why is it important to move from a head knowledge about Jesus to a heart for Him and His work? 

Many people know about Jesus and God yet are not changed people. Even Satan quoted Scripture (Matthew 4:6) when he was tempting Jesus, but Satan used it for his purpose by omitting a phrase that didn’t help make his point. Head knowledge doesn’t get to the real purpose of the message of Jesus. Jesus was sent to change us from old ways to new ways of living and thinking. People who only know about Jesus don’t enjoy the benefits of a changed life and the peace that a relationship with Jesus can bring.

Moving from a head knowledge about Jesus to a heart for Him is important because of the emphasis Jesus gave to issues of the heart. Take a look in your Bible at the concordance in the back. Look up the word head and then look up the word heart. What did you discover? A lot of passages deal with the issues of the heart.

We are told to love the Lord with all our hearts (Deut. 6:5, Matt. 22:37), to observe the laws of God with all our hearts (Deut. 26:16), to obey Him with all our hearts (Deut. 30:2), to serve him with all our hearts (1 Sam. 12:20), to have a pure heart (Psalm 24:4), to seek the Lord with all our hearts (Psalm 119:10, Jer. 29:13), to trust the Lord with all our heart (Prov.3:5), to make music in your heart unto the Lord (Eph.5:19), and to do the will of God from our hearts (Eph. 6:6).

God appears to be very concerned with matters of the heart. When your heart is moved, you allow yourself to be changed and moved to action. This is why it is important to focus on moving from a head knowledge to a heart knowledge.

How can I move from a head knowledge about Jesus to a heart for Him and His work? 

Having a heart for God requires that you first realize all that He has done for you. God provided a way for you to have a personal and meaningful relationship with Him by allowing His Son to die on a cross to take the punishment for your sin. It is hard to understand that concept because there is nobody else with that kind of ultimate love for you. Even as deep as family love can be…there is nobody in your family who will even come close to demonstrating the depth of love that Jesus did for you by dying on a cross for you. Having a heart for Jesus means really thinking about how He sacrificed for you – getting beyond just knowing that to feeling humbled that someone would love you so much.

Having a heart for Jesus means that you move into action. If you have ever been on a mission trip or participated in a mission project, you know the “high” that comes from serving the Lord in love. When you experience the blessing that comes with serving God and being one with Him in looking for opportunities for service, you will begin to anticipate and look for opportunities to get to know Him better and to serve Him as you go through your day.

You can seek God daily and make it your prayer to move from a head knowledge about Jesus to having a heart for Jesus and His work. What about right now? Has God stirred your heart about something? If so, one of the best ways to act upon something you know God is asking you to do is to begin talking about that with someone. So, what are you waiting for? Do you need to tell you parents that you want to start a home Bible study for students? Do you need to call the church office and ask if there is a senior adult who needs extra support that you can “adopt” as a grandparent? Do you need to read your Bible daily? Which friend will you ask to text you each morning to make sure that happens?

The Christian life is not boring. Maybe you are bored when you fail to respond, so get busy! Jesus didn’t die for life to be boring. Did He die for a full, filled-to-overflowing, adventurous life? YES!

> Joy Emery

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