Can We Take Our Family Assistant Home?

Family Camp is special, but our family assistants make the week extra special.

In fact, after the week, we were asked, “Can we take our family assistant home?”

Parents desire for their families to experience a fun-filled vacation, but often moms and dads continue to deal with the duties of parenting while on vacation which can be very draining – even on vacation. At Family Camp, we have Family Assistants who are available to your family in order for you to have the additional support you need (if you don’t want to have to get back up and get another napkin and spoon for your child who continues to drop his napkin and spoon on the floor). In order to clarify the role of the Family Assistant and how you can benefit from them while at camp, below is a list of ways you can interact with your Family Assistant and find a great unexpected blessing while at camp.

Your Family Assistant will: 

  • Pray for you and your family while you are at camp and has already been praying for you even before your arrival. You can give the Family Assistant as much or as little information as you desire about your specific prayer requests for your family.
  • Sit with you and your family in worship. If you have a younger child who needs a bathroom break during the worship music, he or she can be assisted by your assistant along with an accompanying staffer (nobody is allowed to care for children needing bathroom assistance without another staffer being present).
  • Sit with you and your family during meals. If you need help with gathering food or putting away the lunch trays, the assistant can help.
  • Assist your family with the beginning of your family devotionals following morning worship (but will then need to be excused to help prepare for family recreation).
  • Join your family during free time if needed or if you wish to include them. You can ask your assistant to accompany your family offsite (staffers will need to report that they are off campus with your family) or join you on campus. If your family does not need the assistance of your assistant, we will utilize your assistant for preparing for the next Family Camp event.
  • Watch the kids on campus (not in your personal room) if you need to take a break for coffee off campus with your spouse or if you and your spouse need to walk around the lake or just be alone for a little couple time. Please limit this to once a day and no more than an hour and a half since your assistant will also have some other assigned duties during your free time hours. You can coordinate this with your assistant as he or she knows his assigned responsibilities for other times.
  • Transport your older preschoolers and children to their age-graded studies following family worship at night. You will need to get the children following the age-graded studies in the evenings and handle the bedtime routine without the assistant.

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