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Here is a family devotion for you to use!

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 2:8

Big Idea: Our family can impact the world around us.

Family Activity:

Today your family will be playing a game called Save The Goldfish.  During this game, you will work together as a family by transporting water to fill a bucket with holes in it, and ultimately Save The Goldfish!

With this activity the group should all be working together. Those not running should serve as spotters and encouragers. The family will be provided with a bucket that has a toy fish in it. The fishbowl has sprung a leak in it and the fish will die unless you are able to transport enough water to fill the fishbowl.  Each family member will take turns filling a sponge with water and running down to the fishbowl and wringing out the sponge in the bowl.

Think About It

Was this an easy task?  What worked well?

Did your family work well as a team, working together and encouraging one another?

In God’s Word

Have someone read 1 Thessalonians 2:8.

Do you know anyone who does not know Jesus? Paul knew a lot. While he understood the most important thing was to share the gospel with others, he also understood the importance of being a friend. Paul’s made many friends throughout his ministry. He liked being around people and liked sharing his life with others. When we share our lives with others, we are able to encourage them to do the right things and show them what it means to follow Jesus.

We have spent a lot of time this week talking about things your family can do with each other. We have talked about being unselfish and encouraging one another. Do you think this applies outside of your family as well? Of course! Jesus commands us to take the gospel to all people; Paul takes it a step further by showing us how important it is to be intentional in sharing our lives?

Talk About It

Who is someone you are close to that needs to hear the Gospel?

What are some ways you can spend time with them?

What are some ways your family can serve others and share the Gospel with them?

Pray About It

Have someone pray thanking God for the time your family has gotten to be together this week. Ask Him to show you ways to share your life and the Gospel with others. Pray for encouragement and boldness in order to live every day for God.

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