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Here’s a great family devotion to use!

Scripture: Hebrews 10:24-25

Big Idea: Encourage one another

Family Activity

We have set out an obstacle course for you to run through. However, there’s a twist. One family member will be blindfolded. Without touching him/her and standing back a little bit, the rest of the family must give instructions to the blindfolded person to complete the course. Take turns allowing a few people or everybody a turn being the one blindfolded.

Think About It

What instructions were the most helpful?  Which were the most difficult?

Was it easy trusting your family to help you through?

Was it easier going after you had lead someone else through?

In God’s Word

Have someone read Hebrews 10:24-25.

Each family is unique, but one thing that is the same is that the family is meant to be together. Even when your sibling is getting on your nerves or someone hurts your feelings, your family works best together.

Yesterday, we talked about humility – thinking about others’ needs before our own. While that helps the family, what is just as important is encouraging each other. In the verses we just read, we are told to encourage each other to do good things and to enjoy being together. When we tell others what makes them special, it not only makes them feel good but it also causes them to want to continue being who God made them to be.

Talk About It

What have you enjoyed getting to do with your family so far this week?

What are some ways your family can spend time with each other after camp?

Now, take a few minutes and share what makes each member of your family special. Give everyone a chance to share, saying what they think someone does well.

Pray About It

Have someone pray, thanking God for your family (or have each member pray for the person next to them in the circle). Thank Him for making each person unique.

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