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Here is a family devotion about living with your family in a biblical way.

Scripture: Phil 2:3-4

Big Idea: Other people in your family are more important than you.

Family Activity

Today your family will be playing a game called Banana Surgery.  You will be provided with a banana, knife, and cutting board. You will start by having someone in your family cut the banana into 4 equal parts.  After you have done this, your Family Assistant will provide you with string, pin needles, tape, etc.  Your objective is to now put the banana back together using only the items provided by your Family Assistant. By doing this activity, you will learn that all of the members of your family are needed, and everyone is important.

Think About It

Did you find this game to be easy or difficult? Why?

Do you think this game would have been easier to do on your own? Explain.

What are other things that are easier to tear down than to put back together?

In God’s Word

Have a member of your family read Phil 2:3-4.

In this passage we see Paul writing to the Philippians, encouraging them to put others above themselves. Often times, it is much easier to value our own wants and needs above the wants and needs of others, especially our family members. However when we act selfishly and put ourselves above others, we find it difficult to accomplish certain tasks and goals. But when we put aside our selfish wants and consider other people more to be important than us, we can accomplish so much more.

It is very easy for us to treat each other in such a way that we have the same problem we had with the banana – easy to tear down, but difficult to build back up.

Talk About It

What are some ways that you can show the members of your family that you value them more than you value yourself?

Make it a personal goal today, to show others in your family that they are important to you and that you love them.

Pray About It

Have someone in your family pray, and ask God to allow you to consider other people more important than yourselves. Pray that God will be strengthening your family this week, in hopes that you may better glorify Him.

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