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Here’s a family devotion about knowing God through his creation.

Scripture: Psalm 8

Big Idea: Know God through His creation

Family Activity

Today, your family is going on a scavenger hunt. Along the way, ask each family member to describe what you find. What is it? Where did it come from? What is it purpose?


Acorn: The seed of an oak tree. Fell from the limb. Grows into a new tree.

Squirrel: Eats acorns, lives in the trees…

Lake: Home for fish, water for plants and animals…

Think about it

Who created all these things?

Can you see how it all works together? Explain.

What is the biggest thing you saw?

In God’s Word

Have a family member read Psalm 8.

David writes that God’s majesty is reflected in all the earth. Majesty means “impressive beauty.” Nature is very beautiful, isn’t it? The stars and moon at night, the animals running on the ground, the birds in the air, the fish in water, and the trees growing on the mountain.  They all comes together to paint a very beautiful picture. All of it, however, is not beautiful for its own sake. The purpose in being surrounded by such a majestic world is to see the majesty of God in it all.

God is so much greater than any single part of His creation. In fact, He is greater than all of creation put together. Even we, being made “in the likeness of God” (Gen. 27), are not greater than Him.

Yet God still loves us. It is hard thing to understand that the Creator of all things would love any part of it so much as to desire a relationship with it. But that is exactly what God wants. He wants us to know Him, and He wants to know us. God shares His majesty through His creation.

Talk about it

What is your favorite thing that God has created? What makes it special?

What can you learn about God from His creation?

Pray about it

Have a family member pray thanking God for His creation. Thank Him that we get to know Him. God’s creation is great, but not greater than Him.

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