Who is Greater in Your Family?

The goal of Family Camp is for your family to draw closer to Jesus and to one another.  That’s why we work hard to ensure that your family can have the best experience possible.


It is impossible to describe God or His magnitude, but the word GREATER is certainly appropriate. In math class we learned that = is the symbol for equal. We also learned that >  is the symbol for greater than and <  is the symbol for less than. There is none even equal with God, as a matter of fact there is no comparison. This is relationships we are addressing, and relationships are difficult and require all our life and all our resources. Relationships complicate our life and what we think is = may be > or what we think is < may be >.

At Family Camp, we focused on these relationships and how you can live in perspective to your God and your family.

He > Me

We are small and He is incredibly big. New Age thought centers around man (me) teaching that we are

divine and equal to God. The Bible teaches that God is greater than I am. For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods (Psalm 95:3). Romans 12:1-2 tells us to be a living sacrifice – not like the dead sacrifices of the Old Testament. We are to be a daily clean sacrifice as a servant of righteousness .  We read in Jeremiah 29:11 that He has great plans for us, and the best thing we can do is to trust the one who is greater than we are. We must reckon with the fact that it’s not about me.

You > Me

My spouse is greater than me or any other person(s) I will ever know. God has assigned us to spend time with them, to provide for them and to sacrifice for them. Sadly we often allow other things to choke him/her out of their rightful priority in our life. God gave me my spouse as the helper for me to become all that He wants me to be. We are on the same team wearing the same colored jersey, not opponents. My spouse is the #1 person is my life.

We > Me

My entire family is a priority. We are a team and should want the best for each other. At times we all struggle with making less important things a higher priority. We have placed family behind our career, our hobbies, church and even our money. Our family is our ministry and is our extension for impacting our world for Christ.

They > Me

God has called each and everyone to see our world as a mission . The idea that God calls some into full time ministry is not true. God calls all  of us into the ministry, so there is no such thing as part time Christian work. I am not to see my work (profession) as my calling, but see that my mission is to share the Gospel in the context of my job. You are not a doctor, a plumber, an office worker etc, but you are God’s man/woman assigned to that place for Kingdom work.

Galatians 2:20 instructs that we are to be crucified with Christ. No sacrifice is too big. No sacrifice comes close to what God did through Christ for us. He gave his life what else is greater? No sacrifice is too great for me for Him. It’s not about me, but what been done for me and what I can do for others to show my praise and thanks.

We serve a great God, and He receives Glory and fame from our priorities. The proper placement of our lives in relation with the Lord, our spouse, our family and even our co-workers determine our joy peace and satisfaction. As we allow God to be greater we find that what we thought was worth the sacrifice (wrong priorities) is loss. We find that by taking the role of a servant is truly the path to victory.

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