Family Camp Video Contest

Very soon we will announce THE DAY that we want you to wear your Family Camp T-shirt to help us advertise the release of all of the information about Family Camp 2014.

Also, here are the details of the Family Camp Video Contest (earning you $100.00 off this year if you win):

Prepare a family camp video promo using your family and video footage or photos of your family from last year’s camp.

  1. Tell why camp was awesome and you want to return and be creative.
  2. Post it on the date we will reveal later on this page.
  3. Ask all of your Facebook friends to vote (by liking) your video.
  4. Winner will be the family with the most likes by the cut off deadline (to be announced later).

This not only helps us get the word out to your friends about camp, but it helps you reduce your cost by $100.00 if your family wins.

We can’t wait to see your entries!

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